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Mast3rs Production Group was founded by Coran Masters, an actor, playwright, director and producer from Newark, NJ.  His versatile and unorthodox filmmaking style evolved from exposure to many different film genres throughout his formative years. His mother, a former Off-Broadway actor, had a major influence on him. At the age of 7, after watching his mother perform for the very first time, Coran realized that he wanted to pursue a career in film and theatre.  Later, after becoming disillusioned with college, he decided to work toward his dream 24/7. 

“I dropped out of school after one semester and I started auditioning as an actor for different roles. Unfortunately, I kept getting passed over, or producers were offering me parts that didn’t really interest me. At that moment, I realized that I needed to start writing and producing my own movies.”

While developing his first feature film, Masters took acting classes with the great Robert Patterson in NYC. He also studied dance at the Alvin Ailey School and signed up for speech and voice training with world-renowned vocal coach Katina Kalin.


Hollywood, of course, also influenced Coran; and the actor whom he admits had the biggest influence on him was Marlon Brando.

“Marlon is the undisputed king of acting. Marlon and guys like Montgomery Clift changed the game of acting forever. You can’t look on the big screen today and not see their influence.”

As for his directorial influences, Masters lists Francis Ford Coppola and Stanley Kubrick. 

“I have a long list of directors that influenced me, but Francis, Stanley and Spielberg played major roles in my movie choices. These guys are true masters of the craft. That’s how I chose the name for my production company, because every day, I work toward mastering my craft.”

Over the past several years, Masters has developed 2 feature films and released pilots for 2 TV series. He works very closely with his production partner Justin Black who worked on shows for CBS:  Blue Bloods for 2 seasons and Royal Pains for 1 season.


“Justin and I began collaborating 4 years ago; we both have a deep passion for film-making and not to mention we’re very close friends which makes it very easy for us to work together. We have so much fun on set, that it actually never feels like work.”

Mast3rs main goal is to create content to which everyone can relate.

“My mentor and acting teacher Robert Patterson explained to me, that art should be a reflection of life and if you’re going to tell a story, make sure you tell the whole story and tell it truthfully."



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