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True Crime Stories for TV

TALES FROM THE CELL: stories related by an in-prison narrator that involve: drug-related crimes, passionless murders of strangers, gang crimes, etc. As the narrator sums it up: (with a smile) “. . . and they won’t all be murder stories; I know some ordinary criminals too.”

EPISODE ONE: “Truth- a Matter of Belief” A Reno drug bust goes bad and a respected veteran detective is killed in cold blood during a sting operation. The “perps” are found, convicted and sentenced to life in federal prison. Two versions of the crime story are told: one based on state’s evidence and the other told by one of the convicted felons. “We play, we pay. And sometimes, even if it wasn’t you playing, you still pay. It isn’t the truth that counts; it’s what people believe the truth is that matters.”


EPISODE TWO: “A Sense-Less Crime” A career criminal, originally in prison on a weapons charge, is released after serving 4.5 years of his five-year sentence. Immediately on exiting prison, he resumes his pre-prison life of: booze, women, and drugs. During his “activities,” he “without any internal dialog or any discernible thought process” murders a cab driver in cold blood. He admits “Now 42 years later, I’m still doing time for a senseless crime, which altered and affected many lives.”


EPISODE THREE: “The Biggest Bitch: Life w/o the Possibility of Parole” Under surveillance by detectives, a lifelong burglar lives a life of seeming legitimacy while supplementing his “income” through illegal pursuits. He finally pleads guilty to a “small bitch” (habitual criminal act) for burglary only to be found guilty on other charges, the “big bitch” which results in his being given life without the possibility of parole, the “biggest bitch” of all! 

EPISODE FOUR: “Network of Killers” - A pair of powerful Chicago Mafia bosses network with a sophisticated Kansas City Mafia boss to notoriously orchestrate the killing of an FBI Special Agent. It is a compelling crime tale of:  greed, power, corruption, betrayal and sex, where the shadow of a violent death lurks within its deep dark inner sanctum. The story goes deep into the brutal and bloody world of men who achieve their ultimate goals of maintaining a vicious, violent, and vulgar alliance. An FBI agent knew too little. A Mafia dynasty knew just enough. The witnesses knew too much.


EPISODE FIVE: “Murder for Hire” - Jerome (alias), a black man on Death Row has a story to tell involving not only ineffective counsel and withheld evidence but also the possibility of the prosecutor and his defense attorney having a sexual affair during his trial and penalty stage. To add to the frustration and “injustice,” Jerome continues to sit in the “Hole” while his co-conspirator, a white woman named Sonia (alias), has been released from prison. Jerome’s communication involving not only the horrific details of Sonia’s plan to have her husband murdered, but also the sordid details surrounding Jerome’s trial will make are intriguing true crime content. Update: This inmate has died from natural causes; Pulitzer has information and letters from him.