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LFH is the unique and compelling story of a black man on Death Row (the “Hole”) who continues his struggle with a virtually

all white justice system while awaiting his execution. It is an expedition into the original trial, and subsequent legal appeals.  LFH

is based on true events and peels back the skin of the crime drama to show the grim pettiness of: corruption, power, violence and deception in late 20th and early 21st century Nevada. The raw authenticity of the script stems from the fact that the story is based on letters from a Black Death Row inmate to his unnamed White advocate with whom he continues to correspond to this day.

The inmate has been in the Hole for 36 years during which there have been many appeals. Recently received evidence withheld at trial that would have changed the verdict from the death sentence to acquittal. His case is currently on appeal.  $inquire


TALES FROM THE CELL: stories related by an in-prison narrator that involve: drug-related crimes, passionless murders of strangers, gang crimes, etc. As the narrator sums it up: (with a smile) “. . . and they won’t all be murder stories; I know some ordinary criminals too.”

EPISODE ONE: “Truth- a Matter of Belief” A Reno drug bust goes bad and a respected veteran detective is killed in cold blood during a sting operation.  The “preps” are found, convicted and sentenced to life in federal prison.  Two versions of the crime story are told: one based on state’s evidence and the other actually told by one of the convicted felons. “We play, we pay.  And sometimes, even if it wasn’t you playing, you still pay.  It isn’t the truth that counts; it’s what people believe the truth is that matters.” $ inquire

EPISODE TWO: “A Sense-Less Crime”  A career criminal, originally in prison on a weapons charge, is released after serving

4.5 years of his five year sentence. Immediately on exiting prison he resumes his pre-prison life of:  booze, women, and drugs. In the course of his “activities,” he “without any internal dialog or any discernible thought process” murders a cab driver in cold

blood.  He admits “Now 42 years later, I’m still doing time for a senseless crime, which altered and affected many lives.”

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EPISODE THREE: “The Biggest Bitch: Life w/o the Possibility of Parole” Under surveillance by detectives, yet elusive to a fault, a lifelong burglar lives a life of seeming legitimacy while all the while supplementing his “income” through illegal pursuits. He finally pleads guilty to a “small bitch” (habitual criminal act) for burglary only to be found guilty on other charges, the “big bitch” which results in his being given life without the possibility of parole, the “biggest bitch” of all!  $inquire


EPISODE FOUR: THE “G” -  a novel written by an inmate that focuses on black gangsters in Chicago and San Francisco whose lives are filled with drugs, murder, and gang-related activities.

A quote from the opening of The “G”:

“As far as America was concerned, with its dog eat dog policies and super solidified, Darwinian mental ideologies, Floyd didn’t

want to hear any of it. Six years in maximum-security Nevada, for attempted murder had completely embittered his mind into the proverbial system. It'd not taken much or Floyd to get to the state of being. He was a gangster, anyway, and murder was nothing new to him. Floyd had just happened to be in this wrong place at the wrong time but it all gone bad with some Reno boys, and he had paid for it with time out of the wallet of his life. Floyd was not one to be robbed without recourse, and spent his sentence devising a plan to get back what he felt society have stolen. If all went well, which there was no reason he believed it should not, this would be Floyd's last dirt in America's grimy underworld. Gangsters retire just like anyone else – with a nest egg!”  $ inquire.


EPISODE FIVE: NETWORK OF KILLERS - a suspenseful crime thriller about a pair of powerful Chicago Mafia bosses who network with a sophisticated Kansas City Mafia boss to notoriously orchestrate the killing of an FBI Special Agent.  It is a supremely fascinating tale of greed, power, corruption, betrayal and sex, where the shadow of a violent death lurks within its deep dark inner sanctums.  NETWORK OF KILLERS is a compelling story which goes deep into the brutal and bloody world of men who achieve their ultimate goals of maintaining a vicious, violent, and vulgar alliance. An FBI agent knew too little.  A Mafia dynasty knew just enough.  The witnesses knew too much.

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EPISODE SIX: SILENT STRUGGLE - a novel based on true experiences of a prisoner currently in lockup; Drama TV


Synopsis:  A 25 year old white male, Tom, takes a drug beef for a friend and winds up in a cell in a maximum-security prison in California. He is placed in a cell with Adam, an independent that is not affiliated with the ruthless prison gang that literally controls the prison. The gang’s leader actually wants Adam dead. Tom’s childhood friend George, in the same prison, is a high


ranking gang member, who wants Tom to join up. Tom refuses. Bob, the leader of the gang is furious at Tom’s refusal. He puts a hit on Tom and Adam who then get locked up after two members of the gang try to carry out the hit out on the weight pile. Meanwhile, the gang extends to the streets and is run by Ned, an older white supremacist and ex KKK member. He became

Bob’s mentor after some blacks raped and killed Bob’s mother. The gang controls most of the drugs in California. Ned has a daughter who is married to Bob.  She has an extramarital affair.  Bob kills the man, but spares Ned’s daughter. Bob still wants Adam and Tom dead so he has Ned set up a hit from the streets. A guard and member of K Gestapo, a group of guards within the prison who kill and brutalize prisoners, guns down Tom and Adam on the exercise yard in lockup.  $inquire 


EPISODE SEVEN: THE ENEMY WEARS BLUE - a full length screenplay that could easily be adapted to a TV show or mini- series. It is an eye-opening crime drama/urban thriller of how a dedicated African-American police officer becomes the main target of a major reverse drug sting operation. The main character learns that he isn’t immune to racism and discrimination just because he is a member of law enforcement. The writer researched the backgrounds of many police officers: mobsters  $ inquire.


EPISODE EIGHT: MURDER FOR HIRE -  Arthur Pulitzer is the literary agent for Jesse, a Black man on Death Row who has a story to tell involving not only ineffective counsel and withheld evidence but also the possibility of the prosecutor and his defense attorney having a sexual affair during his trial and penalty stage.  To add to the frustration and “injustice,” Jesse

Continues to sit in the “Hole” while his co-conspirator, a white woman named Brenda, has been released from prison.  Jesse’s communication involving not only the horrific details of Brenda’s plan to have her husband murdered, but also the sordid details surrounding Jesse’s trial will make for an intriguing TV documentary, TV series or even full-length feature film.

This inmate dies last year from natural causes, I have information and letters from him.  $ inquire