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Pulitzer film and publishing 

Invest in true crime movies and TV to receive tax credits. 

Content is king.  Pulitzer Film and Publishing  has original content from inmates convicted of murder, some have been incarcerated for over 50 years. This is a development project which may generate capital growth and income once the content is published. 

Pulitzer Film and Publishing  and Arthur Pulitzer generate original content direct from the cell to the screen.  Arthur Pulitzer  corresponds to the inmates, via letter and phone, who want their stories told. Original content drives viewers to subscribe and become paying viewers.  

An investment in true crime film production offers generous returns, possible tax credits, and may provide benefits stretching beyond the box office in the form of DVD sales and the sale of related merchandise for many years after the film’s release. 

In addition, the investor may appear as an extra, attend the film’s premiere and even see his name in the credits. 

 Investing in the film industry can also offer tax relief benefits. Some films may be eligible for Federal  credits, inquire.  Massachusetts and New York State Tax credits may be especially useful to a high-income client. Pulitzer Film and publishing  is seeking equity investments in film.  A business plan is available upon request. 

Sample of possible films upon request

Contact: Arthur B Pulitzer   whats app   646.279.3118   


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