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Invest in true crime movies and TV for growth and income. 

Arthur B. Pulitzer met his first prison contact through a colorful New Jersey friend who had an acquaintance serving time on Death Row.  Having an interest in true crime, Pulitzer wrote the inmate and established correspondence which has spanned a decade. Pulitzer’s incarcerated correspondents now number 25+ and will inevitably continue to grow in number. Some letters received describe prison conditions, legal injustice, and their expectations to make a mark with their writing.  

 Arthur B Pulitzer, Experience: 1964 to present with over forty-five years in real estate, venture capital and private equity investing in real estate and start-up enterprises. After earning his B.S. in Business Administration from Hartwick College, he began his career in his father Benjamin Pulitzer’s neckwear manufacturing business. He then went on to work on Wall Street as an account executive for a major stockbroker. Throughout his financial career, Pulitzer established numerous successful start-up corporations while structuring, marketing and managing investments for high net worth individuals. By employing his expertise in setting company strategy/direction and drawing from his knowledge of and experience with private equity industry, Pulitzer established contact with prisoners through a relative of a former employee.  Employing his networking skills, he has recruited at least 22 current inmates which may be increased upon funding, or joint venture. Arthur Pulitzer has the exclusive representation of their literary works and stories. The plan is to market these stories as: novels, feature films, and TV mini-series. 

Arthur B Pulitzer has an independent film company that is seeking equity to produce a crime drama film, and Reality TV episodes. Crime/legal drama has proven to be revenue-generating. 

Movie Justice is often more equitable than that doled out in real life. Bad guys go to jail, good guys get the girl, and really, really bad guys fall from great heights. In life, the system often fails and innocent people go to jail.  Movies based on individuals who were wrongly convicted are compelling to audiences and, as a result, have delivered profits. We want to tell a story and anticipate profits. 

Our initial film is based on the true events of a murder-for-hire. The screenplay evolved from letters from a Death Row inmate to me, his White Advocate, with whom he corresponds to the day. In death row for 40 years, the inmate has filed several appeals. Recently he received evidence withheld at trial that would have changed his verdict from death to acquittal! His case is currently on appeal.  

Development projects for reality TV episodes based on letters, novels, and legal documents sent to me by prison inmates from Nevada, North Carolina: Tales from the Cell, Silent Struggle: Behind Prison Walls, and The G (a novel about Black gangsters  

 Crime/legal drama has proven to be revenue-generating; but, of course, income depends on the individual production’s success.  Movies based on individuals who were wrongly convicted have been especially profitable.  

Content is king.  Arthur B. Pulitzer   has original content from inmates convicted of murder, some have been incarcerated for over 50 years. This is a development project which may generate capital growth and income once the content is published. 

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