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If you're interested in making a true crime movie, you need content that is fact and not fiction, content that is from the source:  the prisoners currently behind bars in some of the most notorious prisons in the United States.  These men are the best crime storytellers because they were the main characters in their own crime stories.



Arthur B. Pulitzer met his first prison contact through a colorful New Jersey acquaintance.  Having an interest in the lives of those serving time in prison, he wrote to this Death Row prisoner. Pulitzer currently corresponds with 25+ inmates via letters and phone.  Since crime doesn't appear to be diminishing in the near future, neither will the number of Pulitzer's incarcerated correspondents.


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Movie production investors want substantial returns on their investments and the competition for their attention by movie makers is fierce. So what separates those film investments that pay off and those that don't? The answer is simple:  content.  True crime stories contain content that is worth backing because it is factual, provocative, compelling and, of course, beckoning to the movie goer. We offer actual letters, manuscripts, short stories and novels, as well as a complete movie script  straight from the cell.  Prospective movie makers looking for investors need their content to be real. What is more real than a real convict's true crime story, his true crime content.

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Purchase crime stories from our inventory. has an inventory of actual letters and writing, both fiction and non-fiction, books and even a complete movie script all penned by convicted felons serving time behind bars in infamous prisons throughout the United States.  Some are currently on Death Row; others are appealing their cases time after time; some have lost hope and know that their only chance of escaping prison is through their writing.  We have their stories to sell.


Invest in a low budget crime film or TV show.

Arthur B. Pulitzer in association with Con Films has developed a revolutionary concept for generating original content directly from the cell and bringing it to the screen.  A film investment, not only offers the excitement of creating something new, but also may evidence high returns, a lifetime of earnings, and even tax relief benefits.  A business plan is available upon request.



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